Cortana’s Valentine to Master Chief

*The intended audience for this article is adults. Preferably adults who like dirty jokes. Who don’t get offended easily. And who also like Halo.

cortana's valentine to master chief

24 Responses to Cortana’s Valentine to Master Chief

  1. jb84 says:

    Master Chief must be African American.

    • silence says:

      The chief is…white. He wasn’t born on Earth though

  2. -S- says:


    aw dammit Angel, you just got me in trouble at work. After i scrolled down i just exploded laughing – 3 people came over to see if i was alright/wtf i was doing LoL that’s totally awesome

  3. bs angel says:

    I’m glad you liked it! I debated posting it as I didn’t want to offend anybody but I decided what the heck, …


  4. Valentine says:

    ROTFL! LMAO! HAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Now that was awesome!!! I made a card for my hubby in my blog, not on the kinky side though…but totally fitting for me and him :)

    Happy Valentine’s to you angel and to all your readers :)

  5. Jim 028 says:

    I am not sure what I expected as I started reading this. It certainly wasn’t what was there.

    It’s a good job I didn’t have a cup of tea handy, I laughed so hard it would have spilled all over the MacBook. A minor disaster I’m sure you would agree. :D

  6. That Girl says:

    omg! LMAO

  7. Kato says:

    Now THAT’s funny.

  8. silvercube says:

    Angel is getting a bit on the wild side…

    Who says Master Chief has a hot dog?


    Happy Valentines Day, Hawty McNaughty! XD

  9. the light show says:

    freakin wicked sweet angel!! funny thing about it though, she’s been in HIS head… and his pants. well, armor… i wonder if he’s ever had his overcharged plasma pistol discharge on her…

  10. -S- says:

    ^ …ewww. that didn’t even make sense lol

  11. Avid X says:

    Ill be up in seattle april 14-18th for the mvp summit, if you want to hang out with some of us mvps we will probably hit up a bar to just talk for a few hours. Im staying at the sheraton, i know alot of the other guys will be in the Hyatt.


  12. bs angel says:

    I’ll see if I can’t sneak over one of those days for an evening, that would be a lot of fun. Remind me when it gets closer? …

  13. Jordan says:

    I definitely was not expecting that one :D

  14. Kaiavatar says:

    That was awesome Angel… I lol’d in the jail block…

  15. Penguinish says:

    I saw this coming.

    V-day makes angel sex crazed.

  16. R2-JL says:

    Go. Now.

    It makes a very good point.

  17. bs angel says:

    I went. And I still think it’s funny. I’m sorry! :)

  18. R2-JL says:

    Oh well…
    While I’m not fond of this one, I usually do love your blog!

  19. bs angel says:

    I appreciate that. :)

    I will tell you my reasoning for going that “adult” (which you know I don’t do that often). Valentine’s Day is actually a tough day to make everybody happy. You have those people that love the holiday, you have the people that hate the commercialization of it, and you have those that are jaded so they simply hate everything about it. I wanted to recognize the day while not catering to any of those, so I decided to go the third person route (not happy valentine’s day to you but instead just a recognition of the day) with something completely off the wall that nobody would expect. And that is what I came up with. I wanted something that would make everybody laugh, regardless of their views on the holiday.

    So there ya go, a glimpse into my mind as a blogger. LOL …

  20. ashame says:

    Master Chief must be African American.


  21. Penguinish says:

    Naw, in the books it says hes white, so therefore he must be a porn star actor.

    • Qwepir says:

      Also in the books, I remember it saying that spartans aren’t really… endowed down there.

  22. Penguinish says:

    another thing to say, it brings a whole new meaning to being a genetically modified human.

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