Hawty McBloggy’s Not So Happy eValentines

Not everybody likes Valentine’s Day. Couples may be in the middle of a rough patch in their relationship, others may be unhappily single, or some people may simply be jaded. These valentines are for them. If you have nothing nice to say, say it with one of my eValentines! I’m sure the other person deserves it. Use the code supplied at the bottom of each image, or simply click on the eValentine itself for the larger version to save via a right click. Enjoy!

Stop Dying Already eValentine
stop dying already evalentine


You Bug the Shit Out of Me eValentine
you bug the shit out of me evalentine



Nobody Else is Going to Give You One eValentine
here you go evalentine



Split Screen Sucks eValentine
split screen sucks



You Are Not Always the VIP eValentine
you are not the vip evalentine



Console for One eValentine
console for one evalentine



You Suck eValentine
you suck evalentine



Free Win eValentine
free win evalentine

14 Responses to Hawty McBloggy’s Not So Happy eValentines

  1. Anakin says:

    Make more this is too funny and too freakin sweet

  2. bs angel says:

    There are two more sets available, both video game-themed.

    Sweet eValentines

    Dirty eValentines


  3. Kitty says:

    Dude….I can’t stop laughing. The K/D one is just PRICELESS.!!

  4. lAbsolutel says:

    These ones are more tailored for us lonely gamers. Thanks?

  5. Kato says:


  6. -S- says:

    HAHAHA ‘Nobody is worth split screen’ is my favorite by far. Aside from playing at tournaments where you have to, I absolutely refuse to play splitscreen, even with my closest of friends, unless it’s with my girlfriend…and even then she sometimes has to twist my arm <3

  7. These are great, split screen is my fav!

  8. bs angel says:

    I am unable to express the full extent of how much I detest split screen. Seriously.

    • MGH1138 says:

      Depends on the game and tv. I play Halo 3 split screen with my buddies all the time…on 300 inch projected tv. :D

      I love HD projectors.

  9. Xor1an says:

    I’ve had too much fun with co-op in Halo 1 and Halo 2 to feel anything but love for split-screen play.

    Hell, I would be thrilled to have a valentine that would play split-screen with me. I bought this nice HD projector with a 90″ screen for Halo 3, and I have nobody to share it with me. :'(

  10. Kitty says:

    Try screen splitting for a Griffball match. KP and I learned that it just doesn’t work. You can’t judge when to hammer at all….

  11. e says:

    ROFL. Some of these are priceless. “Stop Dying Already” and “Split Screen Sucks” FTW.

  12. Cayote says:

    I love these! Woo Hooo!

  13. DethPwn says:

    Last one made me lol.

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