An Almost Portable Custom Xbox 360

For some reason Microsoft still doesn’t have a handheld gaming system. This custom modded Xbox 360 is going to be the closest you can get for now. An LCD TFT monitor was installed into the side of the 360 with a rectangle hand cut out of the case to allow for viewing.

modded 360 with monitor

modded 360 with monitor

Purchase here : southkhaki19’s eBay Store
Buy It Now price : US $799.00
Auction ends : Jan-13-08 15:38:54 PST
About : Auction includes –

  • Xbox 360 Console (Amazing Condition July 2006 Manufacture Date)
  • Wireless Controller (Amazing Condition)
  • Composite Original Cables (Haven’t Really used them –> Amazing Condition)
  • Power Brick (Amazing Condition)
  • Picture of DVD-rom below to show if you can enhance firmwell very easy with this drive which is in the Xbox 360!!
  • 3 GAMES INCLUDED!! [Enchanted Arms (RPG), Counter Strike, and Xbox 360 Demo Disk] – All are practically new with Boxes

I’m curious how the added hardware affects the heating issues. Regardless, this is only for the person with a pretty penny burning a hole in their pocket. The novelty of it is nice though, that’s for sure.

UPDATE : This item did not meet its reserve and was relisted.

10 Responses to An Almost Portable Custom Xbox 360

  1. wolfy says:

    i’ll bet that made the warranty void

  2. I dunno…too many risks involved with that one. Were I one to have disposable income for something like that, I’d probably by but only turn it on to showcase it. I’d never use it as my primary machine. It does look pretty, though personally I’d have modified an elite to make the screen stand out more. Or maybe he was going for the subdued look. Either, it’s nice but a little extravagant for me.

  3. Oh, oops, messed up the URL one that last comment. Anyways, I had another thought: is a screen that small actually playable on?

  4. bs angel says:

    (Fixed your URL in your first comment.)

  5. Digipatd says:

    No, they got it wrong! There needs to be a churro-maker, not a television!

  6. guywholovesrice says:

    Not really portable is it… I would relate that more or less to the detachable screen that you could buy for the gamecube. Of course its high quality for don’t really see the point of it. Definetly is an awesome feature though =)

  7. Ryan says:

    This is pry easier to make and easier on your wallet. That is if you want to risk your warranty.

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  9. GlossGreen says:

    Interesting design, not really practical, though.

  10. HaloBuds says:

    I think it’s genius. And it would rule in a cramped space like a dorm or tiny apartment. However, I’d really like to know how he got the LCD to work and still have it functional with a normal TV. Did he split the connection?

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