Invading the Office Space, Post-it Note Style

space invaders cubicle

Eric over at geekadelphia just may have the best cubicle ever. Just in case you couldn’t tell by the picture, his work area positively reeks of geeky awesomeness. And we all know that geeky awesomeness is the best kind of awesomeness in existence. The only way it could be more perfect were if the space invader was pink!

7 Responses to Invading the Office Space, Post-it Note Style

  1. Eric says:

    Pink Post-Its you say? You’re giving me ideas! ;)

  2. -S- says:

    lol love the ‘retro goodness’ tag. that’s actually pretty cool, Eric. got any more crea-nerdity up them sleeves to share?

  3. Crazyeye0 says:

    Ha, that’s a great idea!
    Post it art…now all I need is some more spare time, a camera, and a lot of post its, if I can I’ll send a pic of whatever I end up making through this guys ideas =P

  4. Florence says:

    oohh!! We do things like this in our Technology Director’s office when he’s away….ideas ideas!

  5. momohine says:

    Pretty sweet blogsite too. If only I lived in Philly. :(

  6. geekadelphia says:

    @5 It’s ok, we still love you!

  7. The Bandit says:

    This just rocks! Brilliant!

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