Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction 2007: A Photo Diary

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child's play
[Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction]

assassins creed bundle
[Assassin’s Creed Game and Accessory Pack]

adam sessler morgan webb xbox 360
[X-Team Xbox 360 Elite, Signed]

with the don wan
[with fellow Cavegirl The Don Wan]

age of empires bundle
[Age of Empires Bundle]

childs play
[Auction Floor]

rock band bundle
[Rock Band (Xbox 360)]

rock band signatures
[Rock Band Signatures]

pac-man guitar
[Pac-Man Guitar Hero Controller]

pac-man guitar
[Pac-Man Guitar Hero Controller]

childs play
[Auction Floor]

soccer ball
[He does cool man cannon tricks]

bungie flaming helmet
[Be a Bungie Employee]

halo artwork
[Halo Wars Framed Concept Art, Signed]

childs play artwork
[Gaming Concept Art]

j allard zune
[Halo Zune, Signed by J. Allard]

[with fellow Cavegirl Fisheatnoodle]

custom nintendo ds lite
[The Legend of Zelda Custom DS]

metroid prime cutout
[Metroid Prime Corruption Stand-up, Signed]

wow bundle
[World of Warcraft Rare Collectibles Collection]

penny arcade tshirt bundle
[Penny Arcade Complete Line of Apparel]

kilamomjaros fudge
[Kilamomjaro’s Fudge]

childs play mingling

[Live Auction Dinner]

live auction
[Gabe and Tycho emceeing the live auction]

live auction
[Live Auction Dinner]

[the best for last]

5 Responses to Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction 2007: A Photo Diary

  1. ultimoAdios says:

    Wow for a good cause? Not bad at all! Is this the call of the season? Everybody seems in the mood of giving…something to humanity. Nice pics by the way!

  2. Florence says:

    Excellent photos angel! I wish I can go to these things…hopefully one of these days I will when my daughter stops whining for me. I love all the items on auction…I would definately bid on Kilamomjaro’s fudge! I heard they are to die for!

  3. Zoom says:

    How much did the fudge go for…? I want.

  4. bs angel says:

    I am not sure how much the fudge went for. Perhaps Kilamomjaro knows, but when I saw it really early in the auction it was already over $100 I believe!

  5. silvercube says:

    Nice pictures,angel : )

    Here are the wrap-ups, taken from

    “The dinner auction at last week’s fifth annual Child’s Play raised $225,000 for sick children in more than 45 hospitals worldwide.
    The crowd of more than 400 people scrambled to get the highest bid on 16 previously announced lots and three secret auctions.
    Among the items were a Halo-themed duffel bag crammed with Halo goodies—made even sweeter by
    the addition of the rare in-game Recon Armor, which is usually only available to Bungie employees and a few community members. Bidding on that lot closed at $5,800.
    One of the surprise items was a stuff Weighted Companion Cube and a tour of Valve’s offices, which pulled in $2,500.
    The dinner auction combined with previous pledge drives for the year brings the running total for Child’s Play 2007 up to $850,000. Donations will be accepted until Dec. 31 at “

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