A Master Chief Costume for Your Dog

Some pet owners have been attempting to put their Legendary Edition Master Chief helmets on their small animals. Rather than risk the inconvenience of animal cruelty charges, eBay seller batmanvspredator created a Master Chief costume specifically for your dog. Yes, not only do grown adults want to be Master Chief but so do adorable little puppies.

master chief dog costume

master chief dog costume

Purchase here : batmanvspredator’s eBay Store
Starting bid : $100
Auction ends : Dec-01-07 09:31:56 PST
Features :

this is the first of a few. my dog is a rat terrier 15 pnds. it took me 4 days of hand sewing, hot glue, and one very paitent dog. i will have more and they will get better. but i only have a rat terrier to work with the costume. i cant do anything bigger. this is the yellow master chief costume i can do other colers later but yellow for the first. us bidders only! and yes the helmet velcrows down so it wont fall off as easily. my dog loves costumes he wore this 4 times for fitting and once because he kept running around with and i couldnt catch him to get it off. and its made of fleece.

This costume certainly is not going to hurt your poor little doggy’s head. It may make him a bit on the warm side though.

UPDATE : This item had no bidders.

14 Responses to A Master Chief Costume for Your Dog

  1. Crazyeye0 says:

    US bidders only? that sucks…

    Meh, I guess i’d care more if I actualy had a dog…

    • Marksman says:

      US Bidders only? And only ‘rat’ terriers?

      My dog’s a Great Dane x Staffy, about 10ft tall and full of muscles.

  2. Silvercube says:

    lol, i thought it was a master chief pastry, or something, the brown colors looked like chocolate : )

  3. androo says:

    LOL great post… the dog looks a bit stiff / scared

  4. Ryan says:

    Well, he looks stiff coz it’s a pic, not a vid. Scared? I don’t really see any emotions on the dog ~.~

  5. artistpavel says:

    The creator got sense of humor, indeed:)

  6. Woouldn’t the dog have to go? And if so, how would it undo the zipper?

  7. bs angel says:

    Interesting point! I can’t tell if the back end is open or not. Hopefully it is washable, eh?

  8. This is just totally whacko, in a good way . . . I think?

  9. cityztarz says:

    LMAO! Great Costume. I want to get one for my puppy!

  10. Zeke says:

    Hey, I have a dog that looks exactly like that and ways about 15 pounds. He’s a Mountain Feist. They’re squirrel dogs, and relatives of the terrier family.

  11. pistol jr says:

    hahahaahhah very cute funny and cool and even well legendary!

  12. bob says:

    hey its bob again and my lil westy could eat your dog in a yoda costume A YODA COSTUME!

  13. Marksman says:


    … finishing this bite.”

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