A Blinged Stocking Stuffer for Nintendo Fans

Having trouble shopping for your Nintendo-obsessed friend that already has everything gaming related under the sun? Worry not because I have found the perfect stocking stuffer that will make all their dreams come true!

Gold Blinged Game Boy

Swiss Supply Direct Inc. has an original Nintendo Game Boy for sale right now. If you are like me though, you probably have one of those buried in your closet. Rest assured this is not like your version. This Game Boy was commissioned by Aspreys Of London and is adorned with not just “exceptionally heavy – solid 18K yellow gold” but also has Pave diamonds which surround its display screen. Oh yes, it is the ultimate blinged Game Boy.

Gold Blinged Game Boy

This original creation will set you back a mere $29,500. I know that seems a bit pricey at first glance, but it actually comes with three games. I need to go write Santa now and tell him I’ve been a good girl this year.

2 Responses to A Blinged Stocking Stuffer for Nintendo Fans

  1. Silvercube says:

    its a nice display piece, ‘fo sho’. XD

  2. Tortacular says:

    Wow, that is some serious gold going on.

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