Halo Covenant Elite Costume

The star this Halloween is undoubtedly going to be our favorite Spartan hero from the Halo universe. Everybody has been looking high and low for Master Chief costumes (and several dedicated people are even making their own versions) but now it is time to give the Covenant race some attention too. Sure they’re butt ugly but even repulsive alien creatures need love.

elite halloween costume

Purchase here : mcfaddenclanut’s eBay Store
Starting bid : US $900.00
Auction ends : Oct-28-07 23:35:01 PDT
Features (from the eBay page) :

  • Fiber glass, ployurethane and latex
  • Comes with: head, chest/arms hands, legs, feet, energy dagger, red and green lights
  • Weight: appox 40lbs
  • Fits 5’11” to 6′ 2″ person 200 lbs max
  • 6 foot person becomes 7 foot alien
  • Fully custom one-of-a-kind

Disgusting mouth included.

UPDATE : This item sold for US $910.00.

12 Responses to Halo Covenant Elite Costume

  1. Silvercube says:


    major grossness.

    wheres a grunt costume for the little kids?

  2. PlasmaFire says:

    Not very realistic…compared to the one posted on Bungie.net quite a while back. Still, this one’s a nice effort–just isn’t worth the $900, though.


    (I couldn’t find the original Bungie.net news post, unfortunately)

  3. domainblog says:

    Wow… someone bid on it!

  4. Lionheart says:

    Its…. Impressive, I’ll give you that.

    …Just not very appealing.

  5. gethookedent says:


  6. Elnea says:

    You gotta love the creativity. But I protest the “butt ugly” comment about the Elite males.

    I mean, c’mon. They got great deep voices. And there’s something appealing about a guy with eight or nine lips, isn’t there? More lips for the kissin’!

    ….It’s like I can hear you saying, “Ewwww!”


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  8. bs angel says:

    LOL … That is awesome Elnea!

  9. nick hamby says:

    i love elites they r my favorit creatures in the whole game ive always wanted to be one i am an elite on xbox live

  10. feysal says:

    i love elites im a elite on halo 2 and i dont have halo3 and im geting a energy sword so i thought getting a elite costume would be great .

  11. Joshua Smith says:

    hay thats my costume i sold. i also sold a red Spartan costume. My website i have shows all that i have dun and i update it daily. its anubis8500.webs.com

  12. chris says:

    I like the suit but I would rather have a halo grunt suit.

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