Custom Cortana Figure

David Johnson, the artist behind the scantily clad Mz. Master Chief figure and also the less feminine female Spartan statue, selected Cortana as his most recent subject. If you thought his first figure was pushing the boundaries with the cleavage and extreme curves, then go take some blood pressure medicine, turn off your computer, and cuddle up with a nice book. The Cortana statue will definitely not be for you.

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About this figure, from the eBay page :

Figure is 8 inch scale, created in polymer clay. ONE OF A KIND!! This is the only one, no molds were used in creation none taken from her. She has a strong armature underneath. I know I am going to get a lot of emails about the base, I gutted a halloween light and made one but it just looked cheesy so I opted with a standard base. I will send the electonic one with her and you can choose which one you like the best. Also she looks amazing under a black light but it did not photograph well.

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I love Cortana. I even colored my hair blue for the release of Halo 3 in honor of her. In this case though, I think some details are better left to the imagination. I would be interested in hearing what males thought of this figure though. Regardless, the starting bid on this custom Cortana statue is $199.99 and the auction ends Oct-22-07 at 11:49:21 PDT.

Bid on the Halo CORTANA custom statue here.

11 Responses to Custom Cortana Figure

  1. Silvercube says:


    That’s just wierd.

    Cortana is not really a physical entity, and just looking at the pics was creepy.

    But what would be cool is maybe Cortana could have her own video game! I would play that. The character Cortana is really cool. Probably one of the coolest ever.

  2. Mike says:

    The artwork seems very good, although the face seems not to resemble Cortana. Speaking of Cortana though she seemed like she was upgraded in some areas when comparing her to her H2 version. Sadly Bungie seemed to lower themselves and go with the stereotypical veluptuous(sp) women in a video game routine for this last installment. Kind of sad!

  3. ~S~ says:

    Um..Cortana is cool, but what would you do in ‘her own videogame’ math problems? Think logically to figure out rational solutions? Not move because you’re an AI and you’ve always got to be hooked up to something?

    Statue is sorta cool, not really that into it because..honestly aside from the body (which isnt even purple) it doesnt really look like Cortana…at all. If you want hawt Cortana art, check out Luke McKay, or Pinkuh (slightly more pulse-raising), in my opinion.

  4. Slothboy says:

    I dunno, who stands like that? LOOK AT MY JUBBLIES!

    Plus the non-purple skin makes her look weird.

    Meh. Pinkuh’s is much more interesting.

  5. bs angel says:

    Oops, the large image of the first NSFW image got banned by PhotoBucket. My bad. No close up of the boobs for you!

  6. chickachicka says:

    haha you can get some real close ups on the ebay page. I dunno like everyone else said, it doesn’t quite look like her. However the curves an muscle tone is pretty amazing. It looks very realistic.

  7. SidearmS says:

    The arms and the hands need to be more “non-chalant”… You know, to match the “in your head, right now”, and “he asked me, and I told him” kind of emotion you would expect from Cortana.

    Curves wise, very pinup, but if you wanted a pinup Cortana, then do a model based on her lying down pose from Halo 3 when Master Chief rescues her (you know when I make a promise…).

    That is curvy and expressive at the same time.

    XBox 360 – Friday musings…

  8. eddie says:


  9. spartan 96 says:

    ya know it would be pretty interesting for cortana to have her own game… but what to do? they could make it her story of the halo game do it from her eyes instead of johns…. (master chief)

  10. chris says:

    hey i am trying to find some of the halo 1 and 2 promo figures and prototype figures if you know of anybody who could help me track them down i would appreciate it you can get me at

  11. Kim says:

    I think Cortana is pretty cool myself. Even tough she’s digital she’s kinda hot.

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