Simpsons Xbox 360 Controller

Remember the limited edition Simpsons-themed Xbox 360 that came out a few months ago? There were only 100 made and one recently sold for $4,050.11.

This controller that mrzes made would go perfectly with those consoles. According to his YouTube video, it only took him five hours to complete it. If I was a Simpsons fan, I would definitely love this controller. The video simply shows different angles of the controller itself, it isn’t necessary to watch the whole thing. I hope at some point he takes some nice still shots of it. It looks great!

Source [The Xbox Domain]

8 Responses to Simpsons Xbox 360 Controller

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  2. Silvercube says:

    crazy bart.

  3. Stuicide says:

    I’ve wanted to custom paint one of my controllers but I don’t wanna do a crappy job.

    Therefore, I still have white controllers.

  4. bs angel says:

    I’ll bling a controller one of these days.

  5. Stuicide says:

    You should bling one of Ballistic’s controllers at the next LAN. He’d love it.

  6. bs angel says:

    What an excellent idea. I should start planning my design right now.

  7. AC says:

    A couple more of these controllers and consoles have popped up on ebay. Item # 170175744304 and 160188881673.

  8. Waffle Deluxe says:

    Ooh! That is that one thing.

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