An Honest Xbox 360 Store Display

We have already seen an honest Xbox 360 advertisement. Now it’s time to continue the theme, this time in a store display. Hopefully this got switched out sooner rather than later, but again, points for truth in advertising at least! I love you sweet 360, despite your frequent and fatal flaws.

8 Responses to An Honest Xbox 360 Store Display

  1. tornado says:

    how sad… yet so damn funny!

  2. Zoom says:

    Well duh, it has no room to breathe! No wonder it has the 3 red rings of death.

  3. Gil says:

    Agreed Zoom. And I would highly doubt that it’s a refrigerated game case ^.-

  4. Excardon says:

    Only at Walmart, lol. (I’m assuming that’s where it was taken by the price tags)

  5. Silvercube says:

    I think more xbox360’s have died than i can count…
    and peter moore ran away so he wont have to attend the funerals!

  6. Lol.

    One of my local stores had a 360 with the Red Ring of Death for over a year. They finally replaced it, and a week later there was some other issue with it and you can’t use it.

  7. Essays says:


  8. Waffle Deluxe says:

    That is not uncommon.

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