#19 in Pavel Dolgov’s Xbox 360 Faceplate Series, Halo 3-Themed

I am beyond excited that #19 in Pavel Dolgov’s Xbox 360 Faceplate Series is a personal gamer friend of mine. Could it be more thrilling to have such an excellent neighbor for my own custom painted faceplate?

CzarCastic is an awesome gamer that I initially met in a Halo 2 Clan Challenge. I managed to ignore the fact that he killed me repeatedly over a two hour time period and we have since been gaming together on the occasion. He belongs to a clan called 8-Bit Brigade and it is truly an amazing group. Not only do they exhibit the highest standards of sportsmanship, but they really are just a fun group to be around. They haven’t been able to get rid of me since I was introduced to them. (If you are clan shopping for an adult clan, I recommend you hit them up.) I was so excited when I read one of CzarCastic’s posts on his forums :

Inspired by bs angel’s awesome new faceplate by Pavel Dolgov, I’ve decided to commission my own faceplate. I want it to incorporate elements of Halo, of course, but also 8-Bit Brigade.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Obviously my design was done in photoshop and all of Pavel’s work is done with paint, so some of the details will be lost in the translation. I want to put together a mock up of what I picture for my faceplate, then let the artist loose with his own creativity to see what he can do. What do you think?

I like the darker colors, but I was also thinking of maybe having him paint a background instead of my avatar because I have no idea how hard it is to paint in dark greys and blacks (although Pavel did a sweet black Spidey faceplate, so I guess it’s possible). I tried to put a picture of the Valhalla map in the background, but I didn’t have one that fit in the right perspective.

What I’m determined to have included in the picture are a sniping spartan in grey or original color paint scheme. I’d also like to incorporate 8-Bit in somehow, with maybe an artistic looking 8 and ring in the background. I like the stylized avatar look, but I think a painted Valhalla in the background would look cool too, maybe with a lighter 8 and ring in the foreground. Ideas?

CzarCastic’s initial idea :

czars faceplate

Pavel Dolgov’s mock up :

czars faceplate

Czar’s tweaking of the mock up :
czars faceplate

Painting process 1 :


Painted image before the final coat :


Final product in all its glory :

Pavel did a phenomenal job on this faceplate, as he always does. I love the contrast of colors between the waterfall and the ground. That makes the entire faceplate in my opinion. The 8 Bit Brigade clan logo turned out amazing as well. It must be so awesome to have your clan loyalty so prominently displayed for all to see. An awesome faceplate for an awesome player from an awesome clan by an awesome painter. Seriously, does it get much better?

When you have a few spare minutes, check out Pavel Dolgov’s entire faceplate gallery. This one is #19 in his series. I love browsing through all the various faceplates, although #18 is still my favorite overall. And that is a completely unbiased opinion of course. *cough

A special thank you to CzarCastic for letting me carry his story and another special thank you to Pavel Dolgov for supplying extra pictures. If you are interested in purchasing your own custom painted faceplate, you can find all the information at Pavel Dolgov’s eBay store.

10 Responses to #19 in Pavel Dolgov’s Xbox 360 Faceplate Series, Halo 3-Themed

  1. CzarCastic says:

    Great job angel! Thanks!

  2. TTL zeuz patter says:

    Czar, that looks amazing! You well deserve a nice faceplate like this. Angels taste is contagious, I`ll end up blinging more than my zippo soon. Now I`m jelly.

  3. Avid says:

    SWEET,, pavel is greeeeat

  4. artistpavel says:

    Thanks for another detailed article bs angel!

    CzarCastic, you have a really strong email filter, I’m trying to get through for 2 days now :) need info

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  6. xmiyux says:

    That is indeed very sweet. Also nice to see some 8BB pride :D

  7. Stuicide says:

    I need one. Is there a Hawty McBloggy group discount?

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  9. ZX10DOUG says:

    WOW!! That is some amazing artwork! Pavel gets another killamanjaro with that one!! Nice design Czar!

  10. Waffle Deluxe says:

    What? NO Teddy?

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