Ordering a Custom Painted Pavel Dolgov Faceplate, Part 4

My pink Spartan hugging a teddy bear faceplate is absolutely beautiful. It radiates the feelings of pleasure and sheer joy I get from Halo and is everything I wanted it to be and more. Here is a picture evolution of my custom painted Pavel Dolgov faceplate.

The inspiration image :
pink spartan

The mock up sketch :

Painting process 1 :

Painting process 2 :

Painting process 3 :

Painted image before the final coat :
before final coat

The final product in all of her glory :
final faceplate

On my 360 :

There it is. The final chapter to the glory that is my beautiful faceplate. I hope you enjoyed reading the series as much as I enjoyed the whole experience. Happy birthday to me!

If you are interested in purchasing your own custom painted faceplate, you can find all the information at Pavel Dolgov’s eBay store.

My Faceplate Series
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

12 Responses to Ordering a Custom Painted Pavel Dolgov Faceplate, Part 4

  1. artistpavel says:

    That last picture sums everything up ;)

  2. That is way cute. They should do a special episode of Red Vs. Blue Vs. Pink to introduce your creation into the official Halo canon.

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  4. agdTinMan says:

    Sweet! I hadn’t seen this yet. I’m glad my original image inspired you so much.

    Oh, and Pavel did an ok job making the faceplate. ;)

  5. bs angel says:

    I didn’t realize this was your image but I am not surprised by that at all. Now you can add a custom faceplate to go with Kari’s fabulous tattoo!

    Thanks for making such an awesome MC image in the first place. I have loved this picture since it was posted with our Humpday Challenge.

  6. agdTinMan says:

    I didn’t realize this wasn’t in my collection of the icons I did, but it is now:

    Check it here.

    (Click for embiggening!)

  7. bs angel says:

    Awesome. I had no idea you were the person behind so many of those images. I recognize and love the majority of them. They have a certain feel, a certain happy quality that I just adore.

    Thanks for sharing that!

  8. milianovic says:

    i implicitly want this faceplate to be mine^^

  9. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

  10. bs angel says:

    It’s beautiful, isn’t it? :)

    Original design was done by Andrew Davis. Pavel Dolgov painted it and can be contacted here.

  11. random halo player says:

    OMG that face plate is awesome pleaseee make another one and tell me how much its going for i want one so bad! lol k thanx =]

  12. Waffle Deluxe says:

    Another Teddy!

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