Master Chief, a True Guitar Hero

We all know Master Chief is a rock star. How could he not be when he is the ultimate Spartan stud? But did you know he also has amazing Guitar Hero skills? I was a bit bored last night so my project was making my Master Chief dolly a guitar so he could tear it up Guitar Hero style. After patterning the basic shape from an Xbox 360 X-plorer guitar, instead of creating an exact replica I decided to execute it with the bs angel twist. That’s right, I girled that thing up.

mc gh

Star Power like no other.
mc gh

Moves only a true rock star has.
mc gh

Project Specifics :

  • approximately two hours
  • white card stock base with pink paper accent
  • 5 jeweled brads
  • 5 clear crystals
  • 1 swirly embellishment
  • 61 pink crystals
  • 6 inches of black ribbon

He’s ready to rock.

17 Responses to Master Chief, a True Guitar Hero

  1. Zoom says:

    You know, the Master Cheif could’ve done better on that song if he had taken off his armor gloves.

    That is a very girly guitar for him, but nice! :)

  2. bsangel says:

    You know I wouldn’t do it any other way! If I hit the lottery anytime soon, I am going to buy a Master Chief figure in every color available and make a matching guitar for him. That would make the best display ever!

  3. James says:

    or you hit your allowance lol

  4. MrAlexZander says:

    Instead of making more cheifs, you should make an entire band!

    Drone Drummer, Brute on Bass, Jackel on a Sheild Synthazier, and Serge Johnson on Vocals. lol

  5. bsangel says:

    That is quite the fantastic idea! Wouldn’t that be amazing? LOL … I can picture it already.

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  8. SidearmS says:

    Wow, I thought the faceplate was kicking, but the scaled guitar (and it is also pink) just speaks volumes to me.

    I think Donut might get jealous. I mean, this Pink Master Chief gets to have a way more fun…

    One question, the halo figure itself is a custom paintjob, right? I mean, if not, point me in the direction of the nearest retail outlet with this pink MC. Thank you.

    XBox 360 – You Rock!… at the state fair…

  9. Kato says:

    Awesome! Now you need to mod the hand so Pink Spartan can throw the horns!

  10. bsangel says:

    Dude, that would be utterly amazing. I’ll have to look into that!

    That figure is not a custom paint job. It is one of the special edition pink Spartans. I purchased it off of eBay. Some people suggested I keep it in the box in case it went up in value but then you can’t play with it and what fun is that?!

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  12. Venus says:

    I want a pink spartan :(

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  14. Ryan says:

    Where did you get that??

  15. bs angel says:

    I purchased the pink Spartan off of eBay and made the blinged guitar myself one evening when I was particularly bored. : )

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  17. Waffle Deluxe says:

    What is her band’s name?

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