Ordering a Custom Painted Pavel Dolgov Faceplate, Part 2

To say ordering a custom painted Pavel Dolgov faceplate has been an extremely smooth and exciting process is the understatement of the year. Pavel Dolgov has been nothing but a pleasure to work with up to this point. His description of the events that would occur after an order were spot on.

pavel dolgov

A description of the process on his site :

  1. Bid on the item.
  2. Provide inspiration pictures and description of the image you want to appear through “Ask seller a question”, email or Skype. (please tell if its vertical or horizontal)
  3. After 1-3 days approve the mockup and after 7-14 the picture of complete job.
  4. Pay.
  5. Receive your new faceplate.

I officially made my order late on a Saturday night, Jun-09-07 20:18:13 PDT. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him until Monday at the earliest taking into account normal business hours. I received my first correspondence from him Sunday afternoon which was this message :

Thanks a lot bs-angel! I will make the mockup first and email you this week.

Best Regards.
Pavel Dolgov

According to his site, the mock up should have been complete somewhere between Monday and Wednesday. Monday evening I received another message including the rough sketch of my faceplate.

Hi bs-angel!
Attached is the basic sketch, it will be done more nicely with paint. If you like it, I’ll start painting. Thanks.

Best Regards.
Pavel Dolgov

The message I sent back after viewing the sketch :

I think that looks amazing. I more than approve it. To say I am looking forward to the final product is an understatement. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy painting a more feminine side of Master Chief!


Mere minutes after sending that message I received another message back with a link to where I could check the progress of my order.

Great! You can check the progress here:

<link edited out>

I’m having real fun with such cute character, thanks for submission, I wanted to go from standard look to smth. different.

Best Regards.
Pavel Dolgov

I am beyond thrilled with how quickly and smoothly this process is moving. He has made the early part of the time frame he commits to on his site with the first 3 steps. Now is the hard part. The step of waiting 7-10 days for the faceplate to be completed and shipped off. It will be a long wait as I am beside myself with excitement, but I know however long I wait will be well worth it.

In my excitement, I almost forgot to share the rough sketch! Here is the mockup I happily approved. I love it already. This picture reflects the passion, happiness, and joy that Halo brings me. Please arrive on my doorstep soon most beautiful faceplate. kthxbai.


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8 Responses to Ordering a Custom Painted Pavel Dolgov Faceplate, Part 2

  1. Fezzer says:

    That is a sweet looking mock up!! The final product must look amazing!

  2. Tortacular says:

    haha… awesome.

    I want one!

  3. XxURDONExX says:

    I remember seeing that picture when it first showed up on Bungie. hahaha. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  4. bsangel says:

    I know! Isn’t it amazing?! I have loved that image for about 2 years now. You cannot look at that picture without smiling.

  5. L askan says:

    Is that a Paris Hilton faceplate?

  6. Quantifier says:

    forgot about that image – you used to use that as your avatar.

    Very NICE!

    looking forward to seeing pics of the final product

  7. Abramovicl says:

    Hi , i have some questions about you desing
    maybe you can give designer contacts?

  8. Waffle Deluxe says:

    Teddy… again.

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