Blinged Earbuds for the Girly Girl

Much to my delight I have found the list of Swarovski encrusted gadgets and accessories to be practically endless. Next on my list of must haves is blinged earbuds. I am not sure a girl can live without these but I am certainly not willing to find out. Here are my picks for the cutest ones currently available on the market.

Shuga Buds

Available at : Howchow
Price : $37.90
Colors : Amethyst, Pink, Green, Iridescent, Blue, or Rainbow
Information : Earbuds studded with Swarovski crystals make your personal playlists even cooler. Mini earphones are for use with iPods and other portable music players.

Elecom EHP-AIN30 Rhinestone-Studded Heart Eardrops

Available at : AudioCubes
Price : $45.99
Colors : Base – Black / White, Colors – White / Pink / Blue
Information : EHP-AIN30 is Elecom’s all new 2006 high quality earphones made specifically for women. Ultra chic earphones in heart shape and studded in Rhinestone for an unique glamorous look. Features comfortable earbuds that also keeps the noise out and holds the sound in. Comes with 3 addition adjustable ear pieces. (This one does not use Swarovski crystals.)


Available at : Chic BLVD
Price : $39
Colors : Pink, Blue, Purple, Green and Clear
Information : ChicBuds are retractable earphones for use with iPods or computers (not cell phones). They definitely stand out with their added sparkle of Genuine Swarovski Crystals. Not only do they look chic, but they have great sound quality as well!

As of right now, my favorite of the three is the last choice. I like the detail on the base and also the ear pieces. Now I just need to confirm that they are DS Lite and PSP compatible, then it is shopping time!

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