Top Five Computer Mouses for the Girly Girl

I decided to go on a treasure hunt and find the cutest mouses available for the stylish girly girl. Some of them come with quite the price tag but you can look past that, right? This is my own personal list so these are the things that appeal to me. You will find my taste to be rather subtle. Or not. If you are a female, perhaps it is time to indulge a little. If you are a male and have a significant other you are looking to spoil or just find an unique gift for, this is the list for you. Here are the top five computer mouses that are perfect for the girly girl.

#5. The Decokichi Mouse
Available at :
Price : $371

This mouse also wins the award for the weirdest mouse I have ever seen. However it is blinged so nicely, it makes my list. Believe it or not, it is fully functional and works by being tilted in different directions. Weird. Thankfully it is pretty to look at.

#4. Super Sparkly Computer Mouse
Available at : This item is no longer available.
Price : n/a

Add some sparkle to your computer space with this super sparkly rhinestone covered mouse. I am not sure there is a single spot on the whole mouse that does not have a gem on it. Spectacular job! With its reasonable price, it makes #4 on my list.

#3. PC Laptop Mouse
Available at :
Price : $44.36


This mouse is your basic blinged computer gadget. The pattern is simple, in fact, there isn’t one. It is simply covered in beautiful crystals. It made #3 on my list for the wide range of colors it is available in (crystal, black, siam, light rose, rose, topaz, light sapphire, sapphire, peridot). The green is my favorite!

#2. Diamond Flower
Available at :
Price : $25,660

This is the world’s most expensive mouse. That price tag causes a bit of sticker shock, yes? If indulging is your thing, this is the mouse for you. It is available in white, red, or yellow gold with its 59 brilliant cut diamonds arranged in an adorable flower or simply scattered. You also get to choose either a white or black trim. The incredible indulgence of this mouse makes it my #2 choice. If anyone is looking to be my sugar daddy, I’ll take this mouse with the flower pattern and black trim please. kthxbai.

#1. Bling Bling
Available at :
Price : $48

This silver and crystal embellished mouse is tastefully decorated with its crystals arranged in an extremely cute pattern rather than simply being covered in them. The unique shape, the adorable pattern of crystals, and its affordable price makes this #1 on my list. MUST. HAVE.

7 Responses to Top Five Computer Mouses for the Girly Girl

  1. Burritoh says:

    Oh that’s just wrong…

  2. bsangel says:

    Dude, this was one of my favorite articles to write (I love all the bling ones!) and I was stoked for a comment on it and this is what I find?! You’re fired!

  3. The Pinkster says:

    Awesome!! I love bling!! Not necessarily practical, but not everything has to be! Thanks for the links. Those are beautiful!!

  4. tracy says:

    I LOVE these, just bought 2 from the crystal chick! Red and Sapphire, Everyone in my office will want one of these! Also got a discount code for second orders!!! Might be buying a phone yet!!

  5. bs angel says:

    You chose great colors. That’s also awesome about the discount code! I’ll have to remember that.

  6. ~*Princess Katie*~ says:

    ~* PINK! OH SO PRETTY!!!! *faints* *~

  7. Waffle Deluxe says:

    I honestly don’t know what to say

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